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Everything in the whole universe changes all the time and Der Šenster Gob is not an exception. And as the band has changed a lot, we'd like to remember the beginnings, when the band was founded in 2011 as a speed-klezmer trio of a flute, an accordion and a double-bass. That were the pioneer times of our busking tours around Europe, which finished, when the flutist decided rather to brew beer then live on the road.

Then the band started changing. New people came, the ancient members exchanged instruments. We didn't play only klezmer anymore and enriched the repertoire with Gypsy songs from all around Eastern Europe. From the original speed-klezmer trio tradition, only the Yiddish name and nice memories remained.


But after five years, we decided to revive the klezmer trio and tour and play with the old composition and repertoire again. But as Der Šenster Gob already means the four-membered Gypsy band, we settled for the name Urgob.

Official music clip from 2018:


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Vojtěch Vasko

+420 608 475 153

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